WinXPocalypse : PCMover – Learn How to Move All Your Programs and Data

Laplink’s PCMover assists you in upgrading from an older version of Windows, In my tests it was able to move most of my programs from Windows XP to Windows 7, the most notable exception being Nero. But that is not the fault of PCMover, earlier version of Nero ( 6 ) are designed not to run under newer versions of Windows.

There are conflicting instructions for an in-place upgrade on Laplink’s web site. Do not run PCMover on your existing XP installation, upgrade to Windows 7 THEN run PCMover under Win 7. It will go into the Windows.old folder created during the upgrade process and pull out the required data & programs. The programs so recovered by PCMover appear to be re-registered and run normally as they did under Windows XP.

Some forum members have reported success in getting Nero 6 to run under Windows 7 but that was not the case in upgrading my Compaq Evo from 2003.

Pros: Fairly fast & straightforward.

Cons: The license is good for one or three transfers only – if you need to do more transfers, you have to buy additional licenses.


If you are looking for a free alternative, you may wish to look into PCTransfer.


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