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Will my Win XP computer stop working on April 08, 2014?

Win XP Support Ends April 08, 2014

Note the Letters xp after Windows

A: No. What will happen is that Microsoft will stop issuing updates to Win XP. There will be no further security updates, meaning that the security of your computer and data thereon may be and probably will be compromised. Just a matter of time.

What happens if I continue to operate my Win XP hardware after April 08, 2014?

A: As no new security updates will be made available to the general public, Win XP computers may be susceptible to malware or other security attacks, which may render your computer and data, including personal data, vulnerable to attack by an unfriendly third party. Don’t be surprised if targeting of Win XP machines increases after April 08, 2014. Also, if you buy a new peripheral, Win XP drivers may not be available. Here is Microsoft’s estimate of potential risks: Risks.

Will Microsoft Security Essentials support for XP end on April 08, 2014?

A: No, per this page – Malware Protection Center – “Microsoft will continue to provide updates to our antimalware signatures and engine for Windows XP users through July 14, 2015.” [emphasis mine ]

What happens if I continue to use my XP machine after April 08, 2014 and it gets a virus or malware?

A: Microsoft will continue to provide updates to the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) until July 14, 2015. This tool is not used to prevent viruses or malware, but may be useful in removing them.

Will I lose my data or programs by upgrading to a newer version of Windows?

A: See the chart here.

Will Microsoft continue to support Win XP in corporate environments?

A: Qualified “Yes” – Custom Support

Why did Microsoft discontinue Win XP support to the general public?

A: Why did Chevy discontinue the ’57 Bel Air? It was a great car for its time, but technology marches forward. Note that Win 7 & Win 8 are more secure than Win XP.

Will third-party vendors continue to provide virus and malware updates for their programs running on Win XP?

A: Qualified “Yes”. Check the third-party web sites for details.

How can I test my hardware to ensure it is compatible with newer versions of Windows?

A: For upgrades to Win 7,  Run this program from Microsoft or download this to find out. For upgrades to Win 8, download this from Microsoft to find out.

Is Windows 7 still available for purchase?

A: Qualified “Yes”.

Are new “Win 7″computers still available for sale?

A: Qualified “Yes”.

When does support for Windows 7 end?

A: Mainstream support ends January 13, 2015, extended support ends January 14, 2020.

When does support for Windows 8 end?

A: Mainstream support ends January 9, 2018, extended support ends January 10, 2023. Three more years of support if you decide to go with Win 8.

What are the hardware requirements for Win 8.1?

A: See this page at Microsoft.

What’s the difference between Mainstream and Extended Support?

A: See this Microsoft page. Third or fourth link down.

May I install an alternative operating system on my existing Win XP hardware?

A: Yes, see this page. Many alternative operating systems are free and may be booted from a CD and temporarily run on your existing Win XP machine without requiring permanent changes to the PC. You get a feel for how the operating system would run on your existing hardware ( although much slower because it’s running from a CD ) while keeping your existing Win XP as-is.

Are there any free alternative operating systems?

A: Yes, some of the most popular are variations of Linux – Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora to name a few. Google “Linux distros” or “Linux distro reviews”

As support for MS Office 2003 is ending also on April 08, 2014, are there any free  replacements for MS Office?

A: LibreOffice, available for Windows and Linux. LibreOffice reads and writes MS Office files, even the new ones that end in “x”.

I’ve seen a lot of negative press regarding Windows 8.

Classic Shell Button and Help

Classic Shell’s Start Button

A: Much of the negativity centers around the screen you see when Win 8 boots up. It is designed for a touchscreen but many people do not have a touchscreen. Many people do not WANT a touchscreen. A screen full of tiles? Not for me. Many free utilities are available to “put the Start Button back” in Win 8. The one I use is free Classic Shell. It is infinitely customizable and allows booting directly into the Desktop with a Start button. Look at that Start Button – and it is customizable – round, rectangular, with or without text – you can even use a custom graphic. What’s not to like? For other info on Win 8, see Microsoft’s Win 8 FAQ page.

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