WinMageddon : How To Protect Your Personal Data from the WINXPocalypse

Half a Billion Windows XP Computers Unsafe to Use After April 8, 2014 - Do a WinXPMigration NOW!

Why Risk Your Personal Information? Hackers Declared War on Windows XP April 8th, 2014

WinMageddon Happens April 8, 2014


The FINAL security upgrades for Microsoft Windows XP were published on April 8 …


Data thieves are targeting Windows XP Computers as you are reading this message. As more security holes in Windows XP are discovered, the safety of XP diminishes. Day by day your Windows XP PC will become a larger target for hackers. Any data stored on  Windows XP computer will be more likely to be stolen as each day passes.

What can you do? How can you protect yourself from unscrupulous people who are trying to find out your passwords, login IDs,  banking and credit card data?

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