Upgrading From Win XP to an Alternative Operating System

Alternatives to Windows XP – #XPocalypseNOW

Linux is one of the most popular alternative operating systems. Why? Many Linux distributions are open-sourced free software.LLogo

Today’s Linux is not limited to a command-line interface. Linux boots into a GUI which may be surprisingly similar to Windows. Short learning curve.

Various free Unices are available, check the Linux distribution reviews at DistroWatch, Wikipedia, ITWorld, Linux.com,

You don’t even have to modify your existing Win XP computer to take Linux for a spin. How is that possible? Many Linux distributions allow downloading of a file which can be burned to a DVD or run from a USB drive. Boot your PC from the DVD or USB drive to test drive Linux.




Instructions for downloading and testing Ubuntu Linux. Find Ubuntu documentation here.


Once booted, the Linux you have selected may include a web browser and other basic free applications.

Can you keep your Win XP programs & data? Not Likely, but there are similar applications available for free. You may be able to convert your data files.

Can Linux get sick? Discussion here.

Are antivirus and antimalware available for Linux? Comodo has an antivirus. Others are available, see the discussion above.


Upgrading to Linux

First off, back up your data and setup as shown here. Disc formatting is different in Linux. Make an image of your hard drive in case you need to go back to Win XP. #Win XP Migration

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